Artificial Recreational Structures

We offer you with three major types of artificial structures, where each one can be adapted to your needs

“To be integrated into a park in the city centre or into a theme park, this concept will delight both kids and adults.”

Multi-activity tours

Equally good for starting off your courses as offering users with exhilarating sensations, these structures will give you the opportunity to envision what your park and courses will look like.

Based on steel or wooden pillars, these structures can be up to 20 metres high, allowing users to execute high jumps, climb walls or even enjoy netted areas up to a few levels high! All of this is possible thanks to a system that has proven to guarantee the safety of all users.

Fabricated courses on pillars

If the future operator has a terrain devoid of trees that would typically allow for classic acrobatic high and low rope courses to be built, we can still provide you with a course.

Our modus operandi is the same as that for an acrobatic high and low rope course in a forest, with one exception: we choose the location of your structures together, allowing you the opportunity to create a unique product.

Fixed or mobile

Fabricated acrobatic high and low rope courses

The Fixed or Mobile Arbre & Aventure Acrobatic Courses can be distinguished by their original geometries. The pillars can reach up to 12 metres high.

The standard version of the fabricated course constitutes about 30 obstacles up to 6 metres high adapted to all ages and difficulty levels.

By combining height and quantity of pillars, we are able to create structures made up of up to 80 obstacles.

This product has multiple qualities but most notably: