Acrobatic high and low rope course services


We have 3 services to offer you relating to the construction of acrobatic high and low rope courses.


Circuit extension

Are you already an acrobatic high and low rope course operator? Do you want to add value to your park?

Be it:

Whether you have a precise idea or are in need of advice regarding the options available to you, Arbre & Aventure is here to accompany you along the way.



A&A also intervenes in order to renovate acrobatic high and low rope courses.

Today, many operations are at an advanced state of ageing. They no longer respect the natural environments that accommodate them and no longer meet safety standards (NF EN 15567-1).

We therefore provide you with different types of solutions:


Inspection and standards

Our installations are in compliance with the European standard NF EN 15 567-1 that defines an acrobatic course as a succession of progression features (commonly known as “obstacles”) positioned between many support structures (fabricated or natural). These progression features are equipped with a safety feature (/feature protecting users from falling).

Moreover, our installations guarantee compliance with the NF EN 15 567-2 standard relating to operational requirements.