Treehouses : small houses in the forest

reehouses are small houses that are respectful of their environment and can be set up anywhere

Arbre & Aventure is committed to the construction of small treehouses.

A treehouse to live anywhere you wish to live

When minimalist style becomes essential…

You have always dreamed of a small treehouse perched on top of a dune, of a small house in the forest or in the garden either in winter or elsewhere in summer…

Well, we have created it for you.

You get to choose the treehouse model, location and desired adjustments and we deliver it to you.

At a later stage, you can also relocate it, develop it further, add a “little sister” or a terrace…

For more than 20 years, Arbre & Aventure has built treehouses, footbridges and adventure courses all around the world. While primarily offering engineered activities and forest constructions, we are orientating ourselves towards a new universe: the development and construction of “small (cocooning) houses” that are respectful of their environment; mobile treehouses with an avant-garde conception and a simple and refined design.

An original micro-habitat…

… that caters to our evolving lifestyles.

We seek out simplicity, mobility and the integration and harmonious orientation of things that we create, be it in natural or urban environments.
You can discover your dream location, choose your view and then we undertake your project.

We are able to visualise our A&A treehouses either next to your pond, a lake, forest or park and placed on the ground or on a terrace, perched in a tree or on a fabricated structure.

They can be further developed by adding footbridges, terraces or other extensions. They answer to your highest needs in terms of eco-friendliness, isolation and energy consumption.

“They can be moved at a later stage according to your needs and wants.”

The treehouses can be personalised using quality materials

Whether you want your freshwater supply to come from a spring, a well, a reservoir or another water grid or, additionally, for electricity to be supplied by a solar panel, a wind turbine or a grid, A&A will integrate all of your chosen fixtures and utilities.


Outdoor treehouses

You will get to choose either the “warm” coating aspect of the wood or patinated steel with surface corrosion, the rusted aspect (Corten) or even the zinc, all resistant to the most extreme atmospheric conditions (both varnished or unvarnished).


Indoor treehouses

Whether it be for a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet, a sauna, a steam room, a jacuzzi, an office, a gym or just a garage, we will recommend a different level of or type of finish (materials, thermal insulation, safety…).