Constructing your Course

The construction process takes 3 to 7 weeks depending on the size of your park, its quality, the height and types of mounts as well as the type of land it is being built on (natural or urban). Land that is hilly or is difficult to access or the presence of damaged trees are elements that are likely to prolong the construction period and increase its cost.

Over the past ten years of work in constructing acrobatic high and low rope courses in forests, ARBRE & AVENTURE © has always made use of or developed materials, tools, supplies and safety systems that are the most suited to their application. Be it in terms of the performance, safety or lifespan of our materials, we have always looked for the best compromise.

On the whole, the choice of materials and systems used for building the obstacles is always approached with the highest attention placed on quality.

Whether they be 0.5m or 16m aboveground, the obstacles and platforms are built with the same attention to detail and the same high-performance materials that are also the most integrated within a natural landscape.

WARNING! The construction of acrobatic high and low rope courses requires ordering many different materials and the implementation and cooperation of various skilled trades. This results in substantially long delays depending on the season.

Also, think of speaking to us as soon as possible with regards to your projects!

Calendar of the steps necessary in the construction of your course



Approximate duration

Step 1

Location scouting, feasibility study and tracing (path definition, order of course obstacles, data collection…).

2 days

Step 2

Request for the necessary authorisations with the help of a technical brief from Arbre & Aventure ©.

Varies depending on the location and authorisations

Step 3

Order and delivery of materials onsite.

3 weeks

Step 4

Construction of the course by our professional teams.

3 to 7 weeks

Step 5

Handing over of the construction site. Test(s) carried out by an inspection organisation and training of your operations personnel (optional).

2 to 3 days

Step 6

Handing over of an Arbre & Aventure construction manual containing, most importantly, rules for the correct use of the installations as well as detailed instructions on caring for and maintaining the courses. Handing over of a signed certificate of conformity by said inspection organisation.

1 month