Acrobatic high and low rope courses

Acrobatic high and low rope courses

Your future clients will become tightrope walkers under the safest conditions!

Adventure securely through the forest canopy or outdo yourself on our fabricated structures thanks to the lifeline systems that we offer.

This is what a real Arbre & Aventure © acrobatic course feels like!

Thanks to obstacles such as ziplines, monkey bridges, Tarzan jumps, suspended snowboards and unicycles, you can move around at a few metres aboveground…

You can progress through the different courses with friends or family and there are levels of difficulty adapted to all.

“For every project, A&A values, above all, respecting the natural environment and its healthy development.”

Course Makeup

A standard acrobatic course is comprised of about 70 obstacles that are divided into 6 courses of varying difficulty.

The obstacles are defined in a precise manner following their tracing and validated after consultation with you. They meet your wishes and your requirements in order to satisfy your most demanding clients.

Our catalogue is made up of more than 100 different obstacles, leaving you with a wide range of options to choose from for carrying out your project.

Respecting the rules

Moreover, we also take into account the standard demands relating to the operation of the courses (EN 15 567-2) in order to allow future users practical and fluid interaction with our installations.

It is for this reason that the operation of our courses is centred around a central point-of-return: we move outwards and always come back as close as possible to the reception area.

This allows for a better surveillance of the installations but, more importantly, a less costly operation during low season (minimum 2x acrobatic high and low rope course operators for the park to be able to open).

Courses for all

Those with reduced sensorial, physical and mental capacities can also venture into the courses under condition that they are mobile and accompanied by an able-bodied person or circuit operator.

Our other services regarding the acrobatic high and low rope courses

A sample project constitutes of the following courses:

Initiation course

(4 obstacles)

Course usually used to explain all the safety rules and recommendations – it is vital to guarantee the full enjoyment of and progression through the high rope activities.

It is also used as a test course for participants to ensure that they have understood and implemented all of the rules and progression techniques before advancing to courses at greater heights.

It comprises of:

  • A vertical progression,
  • Attaching yourself to a safety line,
  • A zipline (making use of the pulley),
  • A classic lifeline

The platform height ranges from 0,5-1 metre.

Kid course

(12 obstacles)

Ces ateliers de découverte pour les enfants privilégient l’aspect ludique. L’environnement est très accessible, ainsi les parents peuvent très facilement suivre ou accompagner la progression de leurs enfants. These discovery obstacles for kids favour the playful nature of this fun activity. The environment is very accessible so that parents can easily accompany or follow their children’s progress through the course.

The platform height ranges from 1-1,5 metres.

Artboard 14

Kid+/green course

(14 obstacles)

This course is a progression from the children’s one where the playful element is still present but with both added sensations and effort from the participant (length of and level of difficulty of the obstacles).

The course is accessible to adults, it diversifies the available options and allows for a better turnover.

The platform height ranges from 1-3 metres aboveground.

Blue family course

(16 obstacles)

This course has easy access but is comprised of elements requiring additional skills such as strength, balance etc. It is accessible to children taller than 1m30, which makes this a prime example of a family course.

It is a strategic course where enjoyment is of the highest priority. Sensations but, more importantly, shared experiences must prevail.

Generally, it is the most popular course.

The platform height ranges from 5-7 metres aboveground.

Red course

(14 obstacles)

A more technical course where sensations and pleasure are guaranteed. The obstacles are generally shorter but higher aboveground and more technical.

They prepare the more seasoned users for the black course.

The platform height ranges from 5-12 metres aboveground.

Black course

(10 obstacles)

Very difficult course with high and technical obstacles.

It is a physical course offering many sensations – a course for the adrenaline junkies, for those looking for heightened and novel sensations… the absolute achievement.

It is not necessarily the most popular one but it is a prime example of the style and look of the course.

The platform height ranges from 8-20 metres aboveground.