High-speed Ziplines

An innovative option for your clients.

The zipline = guaranteed sensations

The high-speed zipline is a result of the sharing of expertise between two universes namely that of recreation (acrobatic high and low rope course) and of mountain-oriented public transport (cable cars, mechanical lifts…).

Thanks to this union, you can provide your clients with an unprecedented experience that will no doubt leave them with wonderful memories.

“Speeds of up to 60km/h over distances that can exceed 1000 metres!”

Ziplines with sensations!

Users will be able to experiment with astonishing speeds while experiencing a gentle deceleration upon “landing.”

Secured thanks to a passive security system, participants can progress with total peace of mind guaranteed. Various generations can therefore share this activity with friends or family, ranging from 7 to 99 years of age…

“The high-speed zipline is the solution for developing a park that will differentiate you from others.”