Presenting our safety devices

Bonark: Fallstop® Adventure Safe Link SSB®


“The most brilliant and advanced of all belay systems for use in acrobatic courses.”

Classic belay systems in acrobatic courses allow participants to detach themselves from the lifeline.

The SAFELINKSSB® system guarantees that a participant is never detached from the lifeline! Once attached to the safety system, the two interconnected carabiners can only be opened one after the other.

Being the only intelligent self-belaying system in the world, the SAFE LINK SSB® makes use of a “lock key” system that only allows the user to attach themselves to the locations or spots provided solely for this purpose.

The TWEEZLE® devices allow course operators to direct participants in the desired direction. By installing TWEEZLE® devices, a course can therefore be set up to make use of the SAFE LINK SSB® system with very few modifications.

SAFE LINK SSB® – absolute safety, optimal performance and smart like you’ve never seen before!

Clic-it: freedom and simplicity


Clic-it® Adventure avoids the risk of falls thanks to its double tether, equipped with two interlocked connectors. It’s a “peace of mind” guarantee for the person in charge of the park as much as it is for the user.

Clic-it® Adventure:

Clic-it: very little maintenance required

Quality materials coupled with a simple mechanism for a longer life expectancy.

Clic-it Adventure:



Meets the standards outlined in the new EN17109 standards


Temporary disconnection 


Multi-directional switch