Why a rope course ?


  • An Arbre & Aventure © acrobatic high and low rope course is accessible to all: children, families and seasoned sport fanatics. The different obstacles follow on from one another in the heart of a natural environment that allows participants to share special moments as well as experiencing exhilarating sensations and emotions. A place that we wish to discover and share with our loved ones…
  • The Arbre & Aventure © installations also provide you with the opportunity to attract innovative companies that are on a quest for fresh air, the vast outdoors, nature and wellbeing by organising seminars and incentives, which is another noteworthy benefit for the local tourism industry.
  • No pollution whatsoever or degradation results from the operation and installation of an Arbre & Aventure © park. One can learn about essential values by being close to nature and to oneself. Maximal safety is of utmost importance and every participant is equipped with sturdy gear and progresses through the courses totally care-free from 1 to 20 metres aboveground.
  • The construction and operation of an “Arbre & Aventure ©” treetop adventure course will change your life!
  • You will be working in a dream setting: the forest!
  • You will be welcoming many clients. You will provide them with wellbeing and allow them to experience exciting sensations… your professional activities will bring others joy!
  • …The joy of others but also yours thanks to the lucrative operation of an “Arbre & Aventure ©” acrobatic high and low rope course that will therefore not take long to break even and profit from.
  • An installation that benefits natural forest spaces and can also be taken apart if necessary.
  • The tourism and outdoor activity industries are constantly evolving. A touristic location must adapt itself to new trends and answer to clients’ expectations without causing any long-term harm or alterations to its natural surroundings.