Finding a location

Finding the location for your course

The criteria that you need to take into consideration:

The right tourist location

Tourist locations that accommodate for these types of installations vary; they range from urban agricultural zones to classified state forests and also comprise of seaside or lakeside land. They can differ as much in their typology and ranking as in their capacity to accommodate for such installations. Their common aspect being their search for open air sports activities that are respectful of the environment.

And, if you don’t have access to a forest, we will build one for you! Indeed, thanks to fabricated structures of all kinds (towers, tripods, trunks, pillars…), we are able to (at an additional cost) reconstitute the mounts necessary for this activity.

Thinking of everything needed for one’s course

You also need to consider the following elements:

A respectful location

Through the operation of an Arbre & Aventure © course, we are able to convey the image of a location, of its ability to accommodate the course, we educate visitors regarding the respect of the specific environment by becoming familiar with said area, all with the closest contact to nature.
We also initiate clients in a very strict manner. Indeed, safely instructions must be adhered to and supervision cannot be compromised all while maintaining the highest quality of welcome throughout the entire course. The tranqillity desired at any moment of relaxation must not call into question the vigilance of the supervisors.