Secure footbridges / Canopy tours

Whether they are on hiking trails for crossing an obstacle or as a specific attraction in a leisure park or an animal reserve, we have created secure footbridges which are accessible to most people. ARBRE ET AVENTURE have specialised in building 'canopy tours' for several years now. These are a succession of large hanging footbridges which are suspended between platforms that are between 7 and 15 metres high.
These footbridges are made safe with secure safety netting, the installations can be accessed with the greatest of ease without the need of any special equipment.
This type of course, which is becoming more and more popular, is an ideal way in which to develop an area such as a forest with interesting specimens, a site with an amazing view or even a rich eco-system, whether you are on the ground or at the top of the trees.
More of an aerial walk than a sport, the canopy tour doesn't require the slightest skill and therefore appeals to a larger public. Several generations can thus enjoy this activity as a family, from 2 to 99 years old...
The course takes you on a peaceful walk where you are encouraged to take your time to look about you, to listen and to experience the forest from a different angle.
More of a medidative experience, a canopy tour can also include large rest areas where participants can stop for a pic-nic, have a look through binoculars, or just admire a view.
A canopy tour can also be used to create a 'play and learn' space. Interactive terminals or multimedia supports with various themes like the local fauna and flora, an eco-system's biodiversity, or sustainable development can embellish your site.
In addition to the footbridges, perched terraces can be used for holding seminars, nature classes or even as camping zones to give kids the unique experience of a night in the open air.

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