A standard rope course is made up of about 70 elements divided between 6 courses of varying difficulty spread over the site.  The elements are precisely defined after the course has been designed, and validated only after the client has been consulted.  We will do everything we can to ensure that the course corresponds exactly with your wishes.

You will find nearly 100 different elements in our catalogue giving you a very wide choice for your project.  Furthermore we respect the requirements of the European standard with regards to operating rope courses (EN 15 567-2) giving future park operators a practical and smooth running operation.  For this reason, our courses are constructed on the principle of a cloverleaf - you start from the reception area and you always finish up as close as possible to the reception area.

This allows you to keep an eye on the installations (the first five elements that participants do on their own must be supervised), but above all it allows you to save money during the low season (a minimum of 2 supervisors in order to open the activity).

The courses are also open to people with sensory, physical or mental handicaps as long as they are mobile and are accompanied by an able-bodied person.

A typical course consists of the following:

The initiation course (4 elements):
These elements show all the different technicques that the participants will experience during the activity:
  • A vertical progression
  • A connection onto a safety liana
  • A zip line (using the pulley)
  • A classic safety line

This course is generally used to explain all the safety rules related to the activity. It also serves as a test course for the participants to check whether or not they have understood the instructions and the different techniques involved before moving on to the higher courses. The platforms are between 0,5 and 1 metre high.


Kids course (12 elements):

These elements, to made the activity discovered by children, resemble a play activity and the focus is on entertainment.  The environment is very accessible, so parents can very easily follow their children's progress.  The platforms are between 1 and 1,5 metres high


Kids+ course - Green (14 elements)

This is a step up from Kids course where entertainment is still a priority but it is more exciting and a bit harder (length and difficulty of the elements).  This course is open to adults, it gives more choice and helps the park flow.  The platforms are between 1 and 3 metres high.


Family course - Blue (16 elements)

This course is easily accessed but includes elements which require more aptitude (strength, balance.....)  It is open to children who measure at least 1,30 metre which makes it the perfect family course.  It is a strategic course where the notion of fun is of the utmost importance.  We need to create sensations, but a sense of teamwork is also very important.  In general it is the most frequently used course.  The platforms are between 5 and 7 metres high.


Red course (14 elements)

A more technical course where sensation and pleasure are guaranteed.  The elements are generally shorter but higher and more technical.  It allows the hardiest to prepare for the black course.  The platforms are between 5 and 12 metres high.


Black course (10 elements)

Very difficult course with high and technical elements. It is a physically difficult course, full of thrilling sensations, the course for the strong-armed, for the adrenalin junkies, for those who are looking for new strong feelings and emotions - the ultimate challenge.It is not necessarily the most used course, but it is very important for the park's image! The platforms are between 8 and 20 metres high