Environment / Sustainable development

No pollution or environmental damage is caused by the installation of a High rope course.No holes are drilled into the trees during the erection of the platforms or other elements, and the latter can easily be dismantled or loosened in winter without causing any damage to the trees or the environment in general.The construction and the maintenance of the elements is carried out with the greatest respect to the trees which are protected and checked systematically.In order to respect the environment and to contribute to sustainable development, ARBRE ET AVENTURE is committed to the following actions:
  • Teaching our construction teams to be alert with regards to the protection of the environment
  • Limiting the risks and nuisances caused to the neighbors of the construction site
  • Limiting any pollution during the construction
  • Ensuring the cleanliness of the site both during the construction period and on delivery of the finished course
  • Limiting the quantity of rubbish that is dumped  (Nothing is burnt)