High ropes courses

High rope courses – What are they ?


Imagine that you are flying from tree to tree, just like Johnny Weissmuller – alias Tarzan – in an African jungle........... Fly across the tree tops of the forest! That's what a high rope course is! You go from tree to tree, several metres above the ground, using various elements such as monkey bridges, Tarzan jumps, tightropes, surfboards.... All this in complete safety as you are attached to a safety line at all times. A great activity that you can experience with your friends and family alike as there are different levels of difficulty so the Park can be enjoyed by all.

The Incas, the African and American tribes and the army all use, or have used the same principle used in the high rope courses constructed by ARBRE ET AVENTURE in order to get across obstacles.
In more prosaic terms, the European Standard EN 15 567-1 defines a rope course as a succession of "activity system" (commonly called "elements") between several supports (artificial or natural). This succession of "activity system" are equipped with a safety device (or a device to protect from falls).