The construction

THE CONSTRUCTION  Arbre & Aventure ©

The construction takes between 3 and 7 weeks depending on the size of your Park, the quality, the height and the type of supports used, as well as on the land itself.  A hilly terrain or land which is difficult to access, or very gnarled trees are the sort of things which can prolong the construction and increase the cost.

Over the last 10 years working in the construction of High rope courses, ARBRE ET AVENTURE have prided themselves on the use of and the development of the most suitable materials, tools, supplies and safety systems.  Whether it concerns the level of performance, the safety or the life span of our materials, we have always searched out the best compromise.  Quality is always our first priority in the construction of the elements.  Whether they are 0,5 m or 16 m high, the elements and platforms are built with the same care, the same quality of materials are used and the same effort is made to blend in with the natural surroundings.

Attention:  In order to construct a High rope course you will need the services of several different specialists and the necessary materials need to be ordered.  This can mean quite long delays depending on the season.

Therefore it's a good idea to get in touch with us early on in your project!

Below is a calendar showing the steps involved in a Park construction:

Step 1 Finding the site, feasibility study and the design of the course (mapping, choice of elements, data collection, ...) 2 days
Step 2 Building applications to be completed with the help of a technical document supplied by ARBRE ET AVENTURE Timing depends on the site and the relevant administrative body
Step 3 The ordering and delivery of the materials to the site. 3 semaines.
Step 4 Construction of the course by our team of professionals 3 - 7 weeks.
Step 5 Delivery of the Park. Inaugural inspection to be carried out by an inspection body. Staff training (optional) 2 - 3 days.
Step 6 ) Delivery of an ARBRE ET AVENTURE manufacturer's manual containing above all the terms of use for the installations as well as detailed instructions for the inspection and maintenance of the course. Delivery of a conformity certificate signed by the inspection body. 1 month