Finding a site. What kind of site?

How to become a High Rope Course Operator

It is a good idea, if possible, to choose a good quality site near the largest catchment area.....  For budget reasons, it is better to choose a wooded area so as to be able to use natural supports for the erection of the installations.   Nevertheless, it is better to have a wooded area of average quality near a heavily populated area than a very beautiful forest somewhere miles from anywhere.......  This said, some slightly off the beaten track, but really exceptional places have proved that the quality of a site and a good advertising campaign can also be very successful!   The site must then be landscaped:  paths traced, trees pruned, the undergrowth cleared and certain trees cut down (with the agreement of the manufacturer following the design/mapping of the ropes courses).

The type of tourist sites which have this kind of attraction are very varied - they range from urban agricultural land to classified forest areas, and include places by the sea or by lakes.  They can differ as much in their typology and their rating as in their capacity.  What they all have in common is an outdoor sports activity that is respectful of the environment.

........ And if you don't have a forest or even a wooded area, we can build one for you!  In fact, thanks to all sorts of artificial structures (towers, tripods, tree trunks, poles.....) we can build (at an additional cost) the necessary supports for this activity.

It is also necessary to think about putting in a chalet for the reception and for storage space, as well as a car park for 10 to 80 vehicles.  A turning space for buses can be very useful too.  Some public toilets will also be necessary.

When operating a high rope course constructed by ARBRE ET AVENTURE, the manager is reflecting the image of the site and its surrounding area, he educates the visitors with regards to the environment, and adequately acquaints the visitors to the course site. The explanations and safety briefings must be carried out very strictly. Indeed, the safety rules must be respected absolutely and the supervision must be uncompromising, while at the same time giving people a friendly welcome. Although the aim of the game is to have fun, the supervisors must remain vigilant at all times.

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